Ashford Book of Carding

Ashford Book of Carding

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This popular, practical and inspirational guide to carding, fleece, slivers and exotic fibers by Jo Reeve has been revised and expanded to include sections on the blending board and creating self-striping yarn.

Written for the hand spinner and felter and everyone who loves fiber, there are sections on using the flick, hand and drum carders and the blending board. There are detailed explanations of color and fiber blending and color theory. Step-by-step instructions and full color photographs will open a world of color and texture.

108 pages

2. What is Carding
3. Ashford carding tools
4. Fiber Properties
5. Flick Carding
6. Hand Carding
7. Blending Board
8. Drum Carding
9. Fiber blending
10. Color blending
11. Wild carding
12. Color theory
13. Primary Colors
14. Secondary Colors
15. Tertiary Colors
16. Complementary Colors
17. Analogous Colors
18. Color Variations
19. Making a color gradation
20. Projects

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