Ashford Drum Carder Parts

Ashford Drum Carder Parts

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Drum Card Accessories: Drive Belt, Packer Brush, Awl, Cleaning Brush, Clamps

Drive Band for Regular & Wild Drum Carder The drive band on your Ashford Drum Carder is going to eventually wear out. Belt for Regular or Wild Drum Carder - 976 x 6mm Polycord.

Ashford Drum Carder Packer Brush Kit Adjustable packer brush to smooth, control and pack more fibers onto the large drum. Card mohair, angora, alpaca and other fine low crimp fibers. Fits all Ashford 20cm drum carders.

Carder cleaning Brush Ideal for cleaning fibers from the drums. The medium 72 point cloth has stainless steel wire and long-lasting rubber backing. Available to buy in increments of one.

Awl - Doffer for All Ashford Drum Carders. Used to remove carded fiber from your drum carder.

Clamps for Ashford products. Set of 2.

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