Ashford Weaving Loom Parts

Ashford Weaving Loom Parts

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Replacements parts for the Ashford Loom: Second Heddle, Warp Ties, Bungy Cords.

Warp Stick Ties 12 Warp stick ties for Ashford Rigid Heddle, Knitters and/or the Table Loom.

Table Loom Bungy Cord - 1 pair

Table Loom Cross Warp Sticks - flat wooden cross/warp sticks with holes for warping . Lacquered finish.   Leave Message: 12", 16". 24" or 32"

Rigid Heddle Cross Warp Sticks.  Leave message: 16" 24". 32"

Knitters Loom or the Rigid Heddle Second Heddle Kit For multi heddle weaving. Kit includes two support blocks that are easy to attach as your knitters loom has predrilled holes. Instructions for weaving with the two heddles and patterns are included.
Buy another reed (identical to the one you have) and you will double your ends per inch. For example two 12.5dpi (50/10) reeds will give you an amazing 25 ends per inch (100/10)!   Or weave double width or double layer fabric.  

Knitters Loom Stand Brace Kit - for KL 12" & 20" loom stands

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