Ashford Wool Dye

Ashford Wool Dye

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The Ashford dyes are very easy to use and the colors are clear and bright. They are weak acid dyes so white vinegar can be used to fix the dyes making them suitable for the home dyer.

The dyes are for wool, silk and other animal (protein) fibers and are fully concentrated with only 100% concentrate. The dyes are safe and easy to use and comply with Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

Single colors available in 10g (⅓oz), 50g (1¾oz), and 250g (9oz) tubs.

10g will dye 2.2 LBs of fiber or yarn. 50g 11 LBS. 250g 55 LBS

Colors are examples. Your results will vary depending on how much dye you use.

For more information on using these dyes link here to tutorials.

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To order: Select size of Bottle, then select total number in quantity you want in that size. Popup will allow you to select your colors. If you want multiples of the same shade, enter total in quantity, then select just one color.

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Dyeing your yarn or fiber or fabric is easy with Ashford Wool Dyes. Dyes are non-toxic, acid exhaust, protein fiber dyes. The only mordant (fixing agent) you need is white vinegar. 10gms of dye stuff (powder) will dye 2.2 LB of fiber or yarn at full concentrate.