Artfelt Easyfelt Paper

Artfelt Easyfelt Paper

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Artfelt® Paper is a blank canvas for you to paint your masterpiece on using wool and a few tacks from a felting needle.  You can cut the paper into any shape you desire to create a felted piece of fabric. Squares, triangles, semi-circles, waves, and hearts.

Don't stop at two dimensions, Artfelt® Paper can be wrapped around pieces of styrofoam to create 3D structures of felt. 

Although Artfelt® Paper looks just like some other interfacings that dissolve in water, Artfelt® Paper is quite different.  This paper was specifically designed for this method of felting and is the only “dissolving” product available that dissolves ONLY with boiling water, not simply water.  This is a very important distinction, as your piece needs to be wet to felt.

How to use.  

  1. Position the wool fibers and tack them into the Artfelt® Paper.

  2. Prepare your piece for the felting process by getting it wet and rolling it up with plastic sheeting.

  3. Felt your piece in the dryer.

  4. Dissolve the paper.

More details, free video instruction is available online at the web site.   

Paper is pre cut and packaged by the manufacturer.  Measurements are approximate.  

Paper Sizes
Rectangle Scarfs Select from pre-cut papers measuring 10", 16" or 19.5 x 118".  Includes plastic sheet.

Triangle Shawl approx 63" x 63" x 91" or89"x 89"x 126"

Cut your own size, Rectangle Sheet approximately 5' x 10'.
Ideal for custom size murals, scarves, table runners, place-mats, etc.

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Sold by the sheet if in Stock.   Special order Papers are not in stock, allow 1 week before we ship to you.

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