Ashford Book of Dyeing

Ashford Book of Dyeing


By Ann Milner. Out of Print.

This comprehensive textbook includes detailed explanations of dyes and recipes for their use including natural and chemical dyes, dye baths and cold pad and percentage dyeing. Color theory is explained and six projects demonstrate a range of techniques. Whether you are a spinner, weaver, knitter or textile artist, novice or more advanced in your craft, there will be something in this book to extend your ideas.   148 pages.

1. Getting Started
2. Natural Dyeing
3. Using Chemical Dyes
4. Chemical Dye Baths for Protein Fibres
5. Chemical Dye Baths for Cellulose Dyes
6. Direct Application of Chemical Dyes
7. Creative Dyeing Techniques
8. Prepared Liquid Dyes for Silk
9. Dyeing Synthetic Fibers
10. Dyeing with a Microwave Oven
11. Color
12. Projects

ISBN 978-0-473-12671-1

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