Ashford Needle Felting Tools

Ashford Needle Felting Tools

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Needle felting is easy and quick with endless possibilities to create beautiful and unique flat and 3-D art forms. This form of dry felting just needs fibre and felting needles. The needles are made from high quality carbon steel.

Wood needle punch is made from Silver Beech hard wood and has a turned comfortable hollow handle.  Includes 5 medium needles

Student Felting Needle Punch - Includes 3 medium needles

Felting Needles Refills.  Needles are high quality carbon steel.  Sold in packs of 10, same size or SAVE ON 100 needle Packs.

Reverse Barb The barbs go the opposite direction which results in fiber being pulled out. This is useful to create a fluffy finish on well felted pieces.

Spiral The needles are twisted which makes felting faster while reducing the surface holes other needles make.

Star With barbs on four sides it is a great all round needle, good for finer work and finer wools as well as bulky sculpting work.

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