Ashford English Leicester Locks

Ashford English Leicester Locks

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A beautiful high luster wool with a well defined crimp ideal for medium to thick yarns.

Ideas for Use:
- Separate into individual groups of color.
- Spinning - Open the fiber out and spin a soft single thread. Ply with a fine cotton, silk or commercial woolen thread to strengthen the yarn for knitting. The fine thread will be almost hidden in the yarn and won't obscure the fabulous colors.
- Weaving - Use the beautiful shiny staples for extra texture in handwoven fabrics. Hand knot the staples into beautiful rugs or wall hangings.
- Felting - Use the colored staples as surface decoration. They look fantastic lightly felted into the surface of a natural color felt.

From Ashford in New Zealand.

Micron 38-40, Staple length approx. 17.5cm (7ins). 

*The sheep are well cared for and are not mulesed.

Available washed natural undyed white and/or painted into Rainbow Shades. 

Hand Dyed: Each bag contains all the colors of the rainbow!

100g = 3.5 oz    400g = 14 oz    1 KG  = 35 oz.

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