Ashford Silk, Flax or Blends - Special Order

Ashford Silk, Flax or Blends - Special Order

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Ready to spin wool roving. AKA Sliver.  Available to order in Manufacturer Put up.   Ashford of New Zealand.

Weights:    KG = 1000g = 35.3 oz.  ~  500g = 17.6 oz     100g = 3.5 oz.

Spin or Felt as is or hand dye to your special shade.  

Mulberry silk is pure white and is from silkworms fed on Mulberry leaves. Silk is pure luxury. Silk has many qualities. As well as its natural sheen, it is strong, resistant to pilling, and the long fibers make it easy to spin. It looks stunning when dyed and blends beautifully with other fibers.  AKA Cultivated Silk

Tussah is naturally soft beige and is from silkworms fed on Oak leaves. It has a very long staple.  It is strong, lustrous and more resilient than cultivated "white" silks. Long staple, easy to spin or blend.  100% Combed top - dyed cinnamon, natural or bleached white.

Silk Caps For spinning, carding, dyeing, paper making and blending with other fibers.  There is approximately 30 caps per pound.  AKA Silk Bells

Flax or linen is strong, absorbs moisture, has no allergenic properties and softens with continued use. It has a wide variety of applications. It is used in clothing, furnishings, household fabrics, yarn and rope.


Silk Alpaca Merino - 20% White Silk / 30% Alpaca / 50% Superfine Merino 19 micron Blend Sliver

Merino Tencel Blend 18% Tencel, 82% Natural White, Black and Grey 22 micron Merino.
This is a luxurious fiber, perfect for spinning, weaving and felting.

Metric Put up:  500g 1.1 LB= 17.34 ounces    1000g = 35.28 ounces

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