Ashford Merino Top 100g - Special Order

Ashford Merino Top 100g - Special Order


Ashford Merino Fibers Offered in 100g (3.5 oz)  Grown and processed in New Zealand.    64's  -  Approximate: 21.5 micron, staple length 3".    Natural Color is the fiber shade of the Merino sheep, has not been dyed.

ORDER FROM THE FULL LINE in manufacture put up -  Sales Final on Special Orders.    Click Here to order in money saving 500g put ups

Be sure you order enough for your intended project, as with yarn, fiber has dye lots.  Shades can vary from run to run.  

Some Shades have been sold under multiple color names.  See image.

Have shades in stock available by the ounce

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Shades: 16 Smoke 30 Ice03 Marigold31 Apricot 45 Lemon 04 Fir 18 Camel 32 Mint 46 Pansy 19 Lima Bean 33 Cupcake 47 Raspberry 20 Chocolate 34 Sweet Pea 48 Tangerine 07 Teal 21 Blue 35 Honey 49 Cherry Red 08 Lilac Haze 36 Butterscotch 50 Amethyst4 09 Nutmeg 23 Magenta 37 Toffee 51 Fern Green 38 Olive25 Purple 39 Aubergine 14 Black 28 Red 42 Lagoon   29 Cherub 43 Lime