Ashford Wool Bump Specials

Ashford Wool Bump Specials

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Limited qualities of one-off fiber Specials. Sold in full bump only.

Montage 1000g 2.2lb bump this is a unique blend of all Ashford’s mill ends. Made up of Corriedale, Merino, Silk/Merino and Alpaca/Merino.

Alpaca-Merino-Silk 500g 1.1 lb bump - this is an ultra luxurious blend of 33% Baby Alpaca / 40% White Merino (22micron) / 22% Mulberry Silk. A dream to spin! Dyes beautifully!

Dyed English Leicester Sliver 500g 1.1lb bumps - this was a small batch of over-dyed English Leicester that has been carded, combed and balled. Long and lustrous staples of even length and fiber diameter, a well defined crimp. Beautiful to spin.

Border Leicester Sliver 500g 1.1lb bump - Carded, combed and gilled. Long, strong and lustrous. One of the softer long wools with staples 5 - 6in length. 32-35 micron. Strong and sturdy when felted, holds it’s shape well. Great for home furnishings and outerwear.

Linen Merino Blend 500g in 1.1lb bump - A lovely well blended sliver made up of 80% Merino / 20% Linen. For spinning and felting. Beautiful effect when dyed using protein dyes.

Chocolate Brown 1000g 2.2 LB Bump 100% Corriedale wool. Overstock Special.

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