Dyed Wool Chunky Roving

Dyed Wool Chunky Roving


100% U.S. Wool - Medium Grade Wool.  Sold on 4 ounce increments.

Carded into a thin sliver making handspinning a dream!   Hand Wash - Dry Flat

Custom color blended or solid shade 100% Wool, is the obvious choice for needle felting or for spinning into yarn.    Thick Pencil Roving, Spin bulky yarn with little or no drafting.

This fiber construction offers the opportunity to add unique textures & tone-on-tone effects through color. 

From Kraemer Yarns - Wool grown and processed in U.S.A.


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Shades: Almond, bing cherry, black, blue raspberry, butternut, farrot cake, forsythia, granite, iris, kiwi, oregano, poppy, portobello, pumpkin, sage, shitake, spice, strawberry, walnut, licorice snaps, redwood