Merino Multi Color Wool Top oz.

Merino Multi Color Wool Top oz.


Ready to Spin combed Top.   Using color names selected by Ashland Bay.  Absolutely wonderful handspun, felted or used for blending your one of kind yarn or felt.   Merino is the softest in sheep wool fiber.  

This fiber is prepared into a wool top.  The fibers are combed in one direction.    Perfect if handspinning worsted yarns, by spinning off the end, keeping your fibers parallel.  Can be easily spun into a semi worsted (lofty woolen type) yarn over the fold or side of preparation.  If recarded in drum or hand cards will produce a roving for woolen spinning.

Good fiber for Felting.  Approximate 21.5 micron.  From Ashland Bay Trading.

Weights measured are approximate.  I use a electronic digital scale that weighs to one tenth of one ounce.   Due to humidity or the limits of my scale the weight could vary more or less. 

Sold in increments of 1 ounce.  

Ashland Bay is in the process of closing out this fiber.   Order soon before it is all gone.   

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