Mohair Hand Dyed SELECT Locks

Mohair Hand Dyed SELECT Locks

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Kid - Yearling grade mohair.   Ideal for doll crafting, handspinning into tail spun yarn or embellishing Needle Felt, Knit or crochet in a boa scarf or fur trim.

Carefully handwashed  then hand dyed. (Shades are labeled according to the name of the dye)  Exception:  Natural white is not dyed.  Lock length aprox 5-6"

These locks are not combed. Depending on your use you may want to hand comb, suggest using a flick carder.  Start combing by tapping from the lock end. Hold the cut end when combing. Lock will become fluffy. Still holding cut end, dip into warm water with hair conditioner added. Squeeze out water, lay out to air dry.  This method also works for those that require extremely clean hair. 

Hand processed without harsh chemicals.  You may find small pieces of vegetation &/or a light coating of natural oils still left on the fibers.   Expect some color variation in shade.  

Dyed shades, used the labeled dye color for shade.

Crimpy Locks This is not as smooth hair I normally see in mohair fleeces, A bit crimpy.  Varies in length from 6-8 inches.

Sold by the ounce. 

SHADE- Per Ounce:
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