Mohair Top

Mohair Top

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Ready to Spin, Dye, Craft.  Combed Top.  Sold by the oz. ounce or LB pound.

Strong lustrous Mohair Fibers processed into a combed top. Adult grade is coarse (compared to kid mohair), but stronger and tends to be a longer fiber.
Adult mohair is ideal for rug yarns or where you need a strong durable yarn.    Fiber length is approximately 5-6" long.

Mohair is Ideal for crafting, handspinning or blending to other fibers for added strength and luster.
White mohair dyes very well. Can be vat dyed, carefully put it in a small lingerie bag to soak and dye. This will help greatly keeping the fibers organized.
Doll crafters, mohair is ideal for wigs or needle felting into scalps. Mohair combed top has a wave. Can be styled much like human hair. 

Weights measured are approximate.  I use a electronic digital scale that weighs to one tenth of one ounce.   Due to humidity or the limits of my scale the weight could vary more or less.  

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