Natural Color Wool

Natural Color Wool

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Ready to spin wool roving. AKA Sliver.

Sold by the ounce.

Spin or Felt as is or hand dye to your special shade. Listed below includes wool from minor or primitive breeds of sheep.

Mixed Blue Faced Leicester  is a 75/25 blend of the natural white and natural black blue face Leicester. The colors are lightly blended to provide the dyer limitless color possibilities with natural occurring shades.

Brown Jacob Jacob sheep AKA spotted sheep. The brown select Jacob wool has been hand picked from the fleece and processed to keep the rich brown color. The micron count ranges between 25-35. Jacob is easy to spin and produces a springy yarn.

English Herdwick Sheep's wool has a subtle varying shades of grey prized in grey tweeds, knitwear and hand knitting wools, which are hard wearing, non-fading and completely natural.

Gotland Grey  This wool is from the Gotland Island, Sweden.
Wool is 35 microns, 6½ inch staple length.  Lustrous, beautiful silvery shiny top. Felts fast and easy!   The breed was first established on the Swedish island of Gotland by the Vikings with Karakul and Romanov sheep brought back from expeditions deep into Russia and crossed with the native landrace sheep.   Combed Top.   Sourced: Ashland Bay

Swaledale, primitive breed English wool breed. 30's to low 40's. Light grey with nice black and white kemp gives this wool interest. Ideal for outer wear, tapestries or rug yarns.

Welsh Top Dark Brown Natural Color. Quite Soft for a Primitive sheep breed. Crimpy, Lofty! Staple length approx 4-5". Easy to spin! Ready to spin roving or use in felting projects. Sourced: Ashford

Weights measured are approximate. I use a electronic digital scale that weighs to one tenth of one ounce. Due to humidity or the limits of my scale the weight could vary more or less.

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