Noro Rainbow Roll

Noro Rainbow Roll


100g - 295 yards.    Put up on spool.

Pencil roving is 100% wool, and dyed in the gorgeous, self-striping Noro colors.   Will felt beautifully, spinners can spin their own self striping yarn, weavers can use it as a colorful weft.

Can be knit or crochet with care.  Since it has no twist to the thin roving it will break apart easily.  If knit or crochet recommend using a small needle - hook or felt - full after completing.    If it breaks while working, rub the two ends together to reattach fibers and continue your project. 

Makes lovely knit and felt bowls.  Add embellishment to needle and Art Felt.

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Helpful tips when using Rainbow Roll

Special care must be taken when knitting with this pencil roving. It is not spun and is delicate and can break quite easily. This is not a problem however as you can simply overlap the two broken ends and knit them together for 3-4 stitches. There needs to be a clear path with no obstacles (ie: chair legs, dogs, cats, etc.) between the roll and your knitting needles. We’ve found the best way to feed your yarn is to carefully unravel several yards at a time between knitting every few rows. This avoids the usual habit to simply tug at the skein to feed more yarn. When using the roving doubled, it is quite strong and a bit easier to knit.