Ashland Bay SW Bluefaced Leicester Top 2 oz.

Ashland Bay SW Bluefaced Leicester Top 2 oz.


Blue Face Wool is a joy to Spin! Natural White Bluefaced Leicester is a fine, semi-lustrous longwool with a staple length about 6 inches.

One of easiest fibers to spin. Quite Lofty, soft, yet strong!

SW - Superwash, will not shrink or felt. Machine Wash, gentle. Fibers have been treated with a thin polymer coating to prevent felting and shrinking. Makes the fiber smoother.

If hand dyeing handle top gently. Once wet tends to separate easily. Hint: Lingerie mesh bags are very helpful.

Sourced from Ashland Bay

Sold in 2 ounce increments

Weights measured are approximate.  I use a electronic digital scale that weighs to one tenth of one ounce.   Due to humidity or the limits of my scale the weight could vary more or less.  

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