Dyed Wool Multi Color Top

Dyed Wool Multi Color Top


Ready to Spin combed Top.   Sold by the ounce.

Approximate 27.5 micron.   Corriedale Type Wool

Easy to Spin in a worsted spun yarn or open it up for a woolen yarn.
These beautiful blends will create a multicolored heather yarn when spun.   Felts Well - Wet or Needlefelted.

This fiber is prepared into a wool top.  The fibers are combed in one direction.    Perfect if handspinning worsted yarns, by spinning off the end, keeping your fibers parallel.  Can be easily spun into a semi worsted (lofty woolen type) yarn over the fold or side of preparation.  If re-carded in drum or hand cards will produce a roving for woolen spinning.

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