Natural White Wool

Natural White Wool

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Natural white Wool is ideal for hand dyeing, blending, easy to spin.

Sold by the ounce.

Blue Face Leicester Top Fine, semi-lustrous longwool with a staple length about 6 inches. One of easiest fibers to spin. Quite Lofty, soft, yet strong!.

Cheviot Wool top The micron count is between 27-33. Cheviot is a main British wool breed. The wool top is open without being slippery making it an excellent wool for beginner spinners.

Colonial Wool Top Comparable to Corriedale sheep wool. Will felt. Yarn spun can be hand washed, lay flat to dry.

Corriedale Cross Top Good fiber for new hand spinner and dyer. Easy to spin wool. Good Staple length approximately 5 inches. Nice fiber for the Money!

Perendale wool. Micron 28-35, Staple length approx. 5 inches. Natural white. A good all purpose wool, strong but light in weight for knitting and weaving. Sourced: Ashford

Polwarth 23-25 micron (58-60's count), with excellent length (4.5-5 inches) and crimp. Noted for its elasticity, durability it is still considered a delicate fiber with bounce and drape. Breed is from the crossing of Saxon Merino rams and Lincoln ewes.

Portuguese Merino The micron count on the wool is just under 25 microns.  The wool is relatively short at 2” to 2.5”.  What makes the wool so interesting is its elasticity.  The top has incredible body which produces a yarn with the same characteristic. 

Romney Micron 31-38, Staple length approx. 6 inches. The most versatile fleece with even crimp and noticeable luster for all purposes. Sourced: Ashford

Wensleydale: Blue faced luster longwool. 30-36 microns staple length 7 inches. 180 mm. Shiny wool that takes dye very well, producing intense rich colors.

Weights measured are approximate. I use a electronic digital scale that weighs to one tenth of one ounce. Due to humidity or the limits of my scale the weight could vary more or less.

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