YAK Blended Top

YAK Blended Top

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Tibetan Yak is a luxury fiber often compared to cashmere and camel down. The yak/silk blend is the ultimate luxury fiber. Yak down is prized for it's exceptional warmth and softness.The rich natural brown color we chose specifically, not only to be spun into a gorgeous brown 100% yak yarn but also to enhance the color and appeal of yak/silk, yak/merino/silk and yak/merino fiber blends.  Cultivated Silk - premium mulberry silk.

Spun alone or in one of our yak blends Tibetan yak is luxury fiber that is impossible to resist.

 The micron count ranges between 19 -19.5. The staple length 2 inches. .

Yak Merino Natural brown blended 50%-50% with fine merino wool. 

Yak Cultivated Silk Merino blended 20/20/60

Yak Cultivated Silk blended 50%/50%

In stock fibers Priced by the ounce.   By the pound, expect ship delay approx 1 week. 

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