Addi Click Cables

Addi Click Cables

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Cable packs include 3 same length or multi sized one cable each: 24 32 & 40 inch.  Long cords include one 47 inch and two 60" cords.

Standard Cords pack Each standard cable pack includes one connector piece. Connector piece helps to either store stitches or combine your cords for longer cables.   These cords work with both the Addi Turbo or Addi Long Lace Click Sets.  If you add to the short lace tips, your cable length will be shorter, due to shortness of tip.

SOS Lifeline insertion cord for the addi click system.  Can be used with all Addi Click tips,  If used with the short tip lace needles your total cable length will be less.

Unraveling a knitted project is never an easy task and it often leads to dropped stitches and wasted time. However, knitting with the patent pending addi SOS cable allows for the effortless insertion of a lifeline (strand of yarn) as you knit.

SOS cable set does not include a cable connector, just the 3 three cables.  To open the lifeline eyelet, simply grasp the cord on each side of the eyelet and press together. Thread your lifeline yarn through the eyelet, and continue working as normal.  When not in use, the eyelet collapses on itself and disappears into the cord.

Click Turbo Connector Set: extra extension pack features two extra connectors.

Works with all styles of Click cables. Double up cables for extra long cables or use a extra cable as a stitch holder

Lifetime warranty. Save your packaging and if your needle breaks or becomes unusable with normal use, return to Addi Skacel in Seattle or a U.S. dealer for a replacement.

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