Addi Express Knitting Machine

Addi Express Knitting Machine


This tool was designed to make a knitter's life much easier! With the Skacel Addi Express, you're getting the best of both worlds... a machine capable of circular knitting AND standard back and forth knitting.
This amazing device can literally "crank" out scarves in minutes. Cuffs, leggings, egg warmers...
24 needles. Works with most yarns, from fingering to bulky weights.
Circular knitted items knit 4-6 inches.
Plain knitted items knits 6-8 inches wide.
No knitting experience required. Requires hand stitching to assemble garments. Made in Germany.

The gauge for either of the Addi Express Standard or King Size is set for a DK or worsted weight yarn.   It is the equivalent of a mid-range needle: U.S. 7, 8 ,9.   You can run lighter weight yarn through the machine. The gauge remains the same, so the lighter the yarn the more open the fabric. You can use lighter weight yarns double and triple strands and some novelty yarns. (Eyelash, ribbon.) Very thick chunky yarns or very bumpy yarns will not knit.

Both Addi Express machines knit the same gauge. The original machine makes a smaller tube that would be the equivalent diameter of a small woman or child's sock. The larger King Size machine can knit a tube that is big enough for a adult hat or sleeves, etc.

Only the Addi Express purchased from a U.S. Skacel dealer includes a 1 year Addi Skacel warranty.    Details

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