Dyeing to knit by Elaine Eskesen

Dyeing to knit by Elaine Eskesen

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In her wonderfully informative book, knitting shop owner and yarn dyer Elaine Eskesen demystifies hand-dyed yarns, providing down-to-earth practical information and reassuring encouragement to knitters so they can trust their own creative instincts. Dyeing to Knit includes commentary from other nationally recognized knitting designers. Using a selection of Elaine's exquisite hand-dyed yarns, each designer created a patternswatch to showcase the yarns' colours and textures.

Maybe you're already familiar with using space-dyed, hand-painted, or rainbow-dyed yarns. You may have already tried mixing different fibers, colors, and textures in a single project. Now you're thinking how exciting it would be to dye your own yarns and not be limited to knitting just with what's available commercially. You can! With Elaine Eskesen at your elbow, sharing her years of experience, you'll soon be creating your own gorgeous and unique hand-dyed skeins using the fibers of your choice: wool, silk, alpaca, and more.



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