Knitted Mug Hugs by Val Pierce

Knitted Mug Hugs by Val Pierce

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By Val Pierce Mug cozies are a new and growing trend in home knitting, and are arguably the most stylish way to keep your hot drinks warm. With this book you can knit them quickly and easily.

There are 20 'mug hugs' to choose from and 20 alternative color ways, ranging in style from traditional to contemporary, fun and funky to cute and homey. All the designs can be easily adapted to match your home style or color scheme, or to complement your favorite set of coffee cups. They make fantastic gifts for special friends and relatives, or indeed anyone you regularly share coffee with. And why not make a personalized one for each member of your knitting or sewing group, book club or staff room? There are endless possibilities!
• 20 fantastic designs and 20 colorful alternatives
• Easy-to-follow knitting patterns
• Stylish and fun to make

ISBN 9781844486069

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