Noni Knitting Patterns

Noni Knitting Patterns

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Professionally printed including color photo of finished project.  

Just Fuchsias This is a delicate, beautiful, flower that will make any bag, gift box, sweater, or jacket more lovely with its presence. Fuchsias are complex, layered flowers that come in a seemingly endless array of color combinations.  While this pattern offers only two colorways (both of which can be found in nature), you will likely begin to think of more possibilities as soon as you start to knit.   Pattern for purse is not included.  

Made with a single strand of worsted weight yarn, this flower is delicate once felted. Choose to make only a single flower on a single stem, or multiple flowers on one stem. 

Difficulty: These flowers can be accomplished by anyone who knows how to knit and purl. However, they do require use of small holders, double-pointed needles, and short rows.

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