Quilted Projects with Wool and Wool Felt

Quilted Projects with Wool and Wool Felt

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Authors: Beth Obertholtzer, Rachel Thomas Pellman

Even beginners can get delightful results with wool and wool felt appliqué. The texture and color saturation of 100% wool fabric add warmth and glow to any project. This friendly book reveals everything you need to know to begin a memorable quilting adventure. Ideal for beginners, it teaches all the basics of appliqué and quilt, including tools, materials, and stitching, plus how to cut, fold, and sew binding to finish edges. Four simple and adorable projects are provided for making chicken hot pads, an owl pillow pair, a meadow wall quilt, and a nature wall quilt. Each easy-to-sew project is small and comes together quickly. Supporting layout diagrams and templates are provided at actual size, and can be used directly from the book with no photocopying or resizing. Cutting templates are printed on one side of the page only, so you can snip them out with no worries about ruining the other side. Step-by-step instructions are provided for each project, along with a matching layout diagram for assembling your cut appliqué pieces.

ISBN 9781574217278

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