Ashford Elizabeth 2 Spinning Wheel - 10% Fiber BONUS

Ashford Elizabeth 2 Spinning Wheel - 10% Fiber BONUS

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Fairytale wheel
This beautifully crafted wheel now has a large 24 inch wheel with 12 spokes mounted on ball bearings for smooth effortless spinning. Horizontal adjustment of the maiden bar allows perfect alignment with the 3 speed whorl. The maiden bar clamps to the base to eliminate vibration. This Double drive wheel produces a fine, firm-twist yarn particularly suited for fine wools and exotic fibers. One adjustment controls both drive band and bobbin take-up. Easily converted to single drive or bobbin lead. The treadle is pivoted for a comfortable heel-toe action.

Included: 4 standard bobbins, horizontal lazy kate, threading hook, learn to spin booklet.

Wheel ships as kit.   Basic tools required for assembly.   Available natural (unfinished) or factory clear lacquer finish.

BONUS:  10% of wheel price towards ready to spin wool: Dyed Shades or Natural White.    Example: Purchase a $1055 wheel - $105.50 spin fiber (value includes cost to ship).

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double drive ratios 8.5, 11, 15 (18 bobbin lead)

Orifice: 3/8 inch    Orifice Height: 26 inches

Bobbin Capacity 3-4 ounces

Weight: 20 lb

Ashford Elizabeth Lazy kate

Ashford Elizabeth Lazy kate