Rick Reeves Spinning Wheel

Rick Reeves Spinning Wheel

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Made by Rick Reeves, 19” oak saxony wheel, bobbins, flyers and distaffs.

Gently used, excellent condition spinning wheel with accessories. Photo shows actual wheel and all options included. Factory oil finish.

Pully Ratios: 6 & 11 : 1 - 10 & 12:1 - 13 & 15:1

Two Flyers; standard and large size. Each flyer includes bobbins and 3 different sized pully whorls.

Two Distaffs; Standard and Basket

Pick up ready to spin or will ship (un-assembled), To Northwest; WA, ID or OR. or remaining states in continental U.S. Only one wheel package is available. To remove shipping charge, enter FreeShip in discount box.

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