Rick Reeves Drop Spindle

Rick Reeves Drop Spindle


Over 15 years ago Rick Reeves discontinued manufacturing spinning wheels and spinning tools.   This spindle has been on display since.   My hope it goes to someone who would be happy to have a hard to find spindle added to their collection.

It weights 2.8 ounces.    Measurements approximate:  12" long.  Whorl diameter 4"

I do not recall what the spindle wood is.   As I recall Reeves made their wheels in Ash, Cherry and Walnut, so would expect the spindle would be of similar wood.    Wood of whorl appears to be walnut. The shaft is lighter, so probably Ash.    There was a bit of yarn wrapped on the shaft, hence the shade difference.  It is very faint and expect the shade to even out with exposure to light.

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