Schacht Essential Kits for 2017 Holiday Season

Schacht Essential Kits for 2017 Holiday Season

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Gift Ready Kits.  Collections for new spinners and weavers as well as the more experienced. 

Each Kit includes a Free Yarn Gauge

Kit 100 New Weaver Essentials   Tips, patterns and inspiration along with useful tools for the new multi harness weaver.  Includes:  Next Steps in Weaving book, 11" boat shuttle, Ten 4" plastic bobbins. 

Kit 105  Learn to weave Essentials   Everything you need to get started to learn to weave on a Rigid Heddle Loom.  Includes: 15" Cricket Loom, Mayann Handmade Fair Trade Cricket bag, either Blue or Berry & Weaving Made Easy book. 

Kit 115 Rigid Heddle Essentials  Those already familiar with the rigid heddle weaving will discover new inspirations and techniques with this book and selected accessories.  Includes:  The Weaver's Idea Book, 3 in 1 magic stick, Two 15" pick up sticks and heddle Hook.    

Kit 120 Card Weaving Essentials One of the most portable ways to weave.  Learn how patterns and colors play together.  Create belts, key fobs, bookmarks and more.  Includes:  Tablet Weaving Made Easy Dvd, Card/Tablet weaving cards, Two sets of 25 cards, Belt Shuttle. 

Kit 125 Learn to Spin Essentials  Learn the basics of spinning as fibers come together with twist to form yarn.  Includes:  How to Spin book by Beth Smith,  Start Spinning DVD by Maggie Cassie,  3" Hi Lo Drop Spindle, 1 oz of wool fiber. 

Kit 130 Schacht Wheel Spinner Essentials Keep your Ladybug, Matchless, Sidekick or Flatiron working smoothly as you spin different weight yarns with these accessories.  Includes: High Speed bobbin, Slow speed whorl, high speed whorl, Oil bottle. 


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