Spin to Weave by Sara Lamb

Spin to Weave by Sara Lamb

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For spinners and weavers alike! Get in-depth information on how to make yarn, fiber properties and color choices, as well as beautifully photographed samples.

Spin to Weave is not simply a how-to-spin book, but a how-to-spin-exactly-what-you-want book. Weavers who spin their own yarns have the ability to choose fiber type, method of twist insertion, twist amount and/or direction, finishing methods, and grist.

Author Sara Lamb focuses on the process of spinning for specific results, providing detailed instructions, a sampling of projects, variations, and a gallery of pieces by other spinners.

Sara takes the reader to the very source of woven fabric, explaining the entire process from how to choose fibers to how to spin them with finished fabric in mind.

ISBN 9781596686489

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