SpinKnit Winter 2010 e-mag CD

SpinKnit Winter 2010 e-mag CD


Experience a world of fiber firsthand with SpinKnit, It's beautiful, immersive and packed with experiences that make learning more fun than ever.  Includes videos, galleries, tips, techniques.  Informative articles, designer profiles and more.

Formatted for the PC AND MAC. 

ISDN 9781596684669

From the publisher:

SpinKnit is a magazine that fuses the ancient crafts of handspinning and handknitting with the very cutting edge of digital technology. The eMag is co-edited by Interweave founder Linda Ligon and Weaving Today Editor Anita Osterhaug.

“It’s a bit like National Geographic Traveler for knitters and spinners,” says Osterhaug. “We take crafters to incredible places around the globe to learn from spinning luminaries and bring them gorgeous photography and video they won’t see anywhere else.

Linda Ligon added, “The video, audio, and interactive features are what make this eMag dynamic and an entirely new magazine experience, but even without the bells and whistles, the content is a fantastic read.”

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