Spinning Worsted and Woolen Yarn DVD

Spinning Worsted and Woolen Yarn DVD

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Get this special double workshop collection! Explore spinning techniques to create the best woolen and worsted yarns with expert instructor Amy Tyler. Learn drafting methods, fiber prep, wheel adjustment, and much more.

In Spinning Worsted Yarn, you’ll learn how to combine both carded and combed fiber preparations to get the yarn you want. Learn the meaning of “drafting with no twist,” how to do it, and get Amy’s expert tips for pre-drafting your fiber for easy spinning. You’ll learn to spin worsted yarns by drafting forward, backward, or both, so you can spin in the way that is most effective and comfortable for you. Plus, learn how to adjust your spinning wheel specifically for worsted spinning.

Then, dive in to Spinning Woolen Yarn. Learn the characteristics of woolen yarns and which fibers and staple lengths are best to create them. With Amy’s instruction, you’ll understand the process of “drafting against twist” and how to create the loftiest yarn possible. You’ll learn three variations of long draw drafting using mill-prepared carded roving, hand-carded rolags, drumcarded batts, and much more. Finally, learn how to adjust your spinning wheel for the best woolen spinning possible.  70 minutes

ISBN 812787024021

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