Ashford Loom Handi Handles

Ashford Loom Handi Handles


HH65 - Handi Handles Small - for Katie, Knitters and SampleIt Looms.

HH85 - Handi Handles Large - for Standard Rigid Heddle and Table Looms 

This "handi" tool is designed for weavers with impaired physical strength or limited hand mobility to assist when turning the handles to advance the warp on Ashford looms. The handi handle is simply placed over the existing nylon handle of your loom and turned gently.  

This product is not necessary for weavers without impairments, or weakness or other hand and arm ailments. 

PLEASE NOTE: We strongly recommend only using sufficient warp tension for your project. Do not over tighten. Too much tension will make weaving harder, reduce the shed and could damage your loom. 

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