Custom Order Stainless Steel Reed - Per Inch Width

Custom Order Stainless Steel Reed - Per Inch Width

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High quality stainless reeds available in lengths up to 94 inches.  Custom cut to size as specified.   Made by Glimåkra in Sweden in metric sizes.  Converted to approximate U.S. measurements.

Glimåkra reeds are an economical choice and are lightweight, made in the traditional way with cord wrappings on a wooden spine. The flexible dents are made with thinner steel allowing for finer dents.

Reeds are available in two heights or widths: 10cm 4 inch or 12cm 4.75 inches, outside measurement.   Example a 4.75" high reed includes the width of the spine, the actual height of the metal part of reed is just under 4"

Reed Dents available 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 18, 20, 20.5, 25, 30 or 32 DPI.  Prices vary according to size. 

Reeds are Special Ordered.  Due to odd dimension of reeds, please order separately from other items.  Multiple reeds can ship together and will save on ship costs.   Reeds over 36" will be shipped direct from the Glimakra U.S. distributor in Oregon.  Narrower reed orders, may be delayed to ship until our next order, 3-4 weeks.  If you need rush let us know.

Order Carefully, as sales are final. 

Measure the outside dimension of your existing reed.

Determine reed height or width (4" or 4.75") 

Specify the overall length (outside dimension) of reed in the Quantity Box.     Length of reed will be approximately 1 inch wider than the looms weaving width.

If you have questions or problems ordering contact Elizabeth.   You can be invoiced total due to your specifications.


Width - Per Inch:
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Common metric conversions:

20 dents per 10 cm (20/10) = a 5-dent reed
25 dents per 10 cm (25/10) = a 6-dent reed
30 dents per 10 cm (30/10) = an 8-dent reed
40 dents per 10 cm (40/10) = a 10-dent reed
45 or 50 dents per 10 cm (45/10, 50/10) = a 12-dent reed
60 dents per 10 cm (60/10) = a 15-dent reed

The precise number of dents per inch with these conversions may not be exactly 10 or 8, etc., but close enough to be used interchangeably.  Height of reed available in 4" or 5" be sure its height is right for your loom. Some beaters allow varying reed heights, but most do not.