Glimakra Classic Shuttle + 11 Quills

Glimakra Classic Shuttle + 11 Quills


The Classic Shuttle is designed for weaving on a rigid heddle loom.
It is 15 inches long for ease of putting it through a rigid heddle shed.
It is only 1 inch tall so that it will fit even through the smallest of sheds.

It will hold a 6 inch quill so it will carry a lot of yarn.  It also will hold standard plastic shuttle bobbins (not included)

Sold with 11 Quills

Special order expect ship delay.  

If your Glimakra, Bockens &/or Borg yarn Special Order is over $200 should ship direct from U.S. distributor by next business day.   Do not order other items on same order, as they require a separate shipment.
Any item ordered not in stock (not usual) at the U.S. distributor will be cancelled and payment refunded. Remainder of your order will be shipped unless directed differently when ordering.

Glimakra Special Orders under $200 will be held until next time we order stock, generally once a month.

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