Glimakra Emilia Rigid Heddle Loom

Glimakra Emilia Rigid Heddle Loom

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A folding, portable rigid heddle loom that comes in two widths. Emilia is made of birch. It comes completely assembled and has a weaving width of 34 cm (13.5″) or 48 cm (18″).

Rigid heddle looms are a good, easy way to learn to weave. Three sizes of heddle reeds:  30/10 (8 per inch), 40/10 (10 per inch) and 50/10 (12 per inch) are available.

Included with loom: one rigid heddle reed (8, 10 or 12), 1 flat shuttle, a warping peg, 2 clamps, sley hook, threading needle and weaving instructions.

This is a Special Order item and not in stock at Fiber to Yarn.  Will ship directly from the Glimakra U.S. distributor in Oregon. 

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OPTIONS;  Extra Heddles, Second heddle brackets (Requires 2 reeds, same size),  cloth carry case with an embroidered logo.  Contact Elizabeth if you wish to add these options to your loom purchase.