Glimakra Julia 26" Floor Loom

Glimakra Julia 26" Floor Loom

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Coming soon: a new, heavier beater and a foot rest as pictured.   Verify if currently available.

The Julia loom is Glimakra’s latest floor loom addition to their line of fine floor looms. It weaves 26 inches wide. It comes with a DVD and written instructions so that you can learn to weave on your own.

Available with two, four or eight shafts. 

It includes one reed, 500 texsolv heddles, tie- up kit, 24 beaming sticks, shuttle, lease sticks, shaft holders, cord threader, sley hook and the book, Learning to Warp your Loom. 

Julia has advantages over other small looms. Treadling is easy.  The hanging beater is easy to use and it hangs back, out of the way. A beater cradle is provided so that you can advance the beater.  This means, you can weave several inches before you need to advance the warp. The high breast beam gives more leg space and comfort for treadling and treadle tie-up. Julia produces a high quality weave. You can tighten the warp threads for better sheds. The warp threads stay tight for easier shuttle throwing, without skipped threads. And, the hanging beater makes it easier to get an even beat. Julia is compact and sturdy.

This loom goes through a doorway and is light weight for easy moving. The loom stays stable and there are no wing nuts which can loosen as you weave. It is easy to take apart and stores in a small space when apart. Julia is comfortable for warping. The reed is easy to remove from the beater; there are no bolts to remove or wing nuts to loosen. The beater is easy to remove from the loom; just lift it off. It is easy to add heddles or to remove them, even during threading, since the shafts have open sides and are easy to access. You never need to count heddles. Texsolv tie-up cord is adjustable to give you perfect sheds.  Using the Texsolv plastic pins means you don’t have to tie knots. And, you can sit in comfort to thread the heddles and sley the reed.

32 x 32 inch Footprint.  Ships as Kit.  Assembly required. 

This is a Special Order item and not in stock at Fiber to Yarn.  Will ship directly from the Glimakra U.S. distributor in Oregon. 

Do not select USPS Priority Mail Shipping when ordering.   Too large to ship by post. 

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