Glimakra Standard Floor Loom

Glimakra Standard Floor Loom


The largest Glimakra floor loom is called the “Standard”.   It comes in four weaving widths, 100cm (39 in), 120cm (47 in), 150cm (59 in) and 160cm (63 in). 

The Glimakra Standard can be ordered as counterbalance, countermarch or both counterbalance and countermarch.

The assembly is almost intuitive. Wedges hold the major components. The instruction booklet shows assembly, warping and tie up.

Optional attachments are available, a warping frame to attach to the back of the loom, a double warp beam,  a sectional beam, a drawloom and a fly shuttle attachment.

Loom depth, 56 inches.  Loom width, approx.  11 inches more than weaving width.  Loom height 66 inches.  The beater sides are 69 inches tall.  Vertical countermarch jacks are70 to 75 inches tall.   

The Standard loom comes with the bench, a reed of your choice, 1,000 Texsolv heddles, complete Texsolv tie-up kit, warp sticks, lease sticks, shaft holders, shaft pins’ rubber feet and shuttle.  Plus, you get the book “Learn to Warp Your Loom”. 

For countermarch looms,  includes a copy of the book “Tying up the Countermarch Loom.”

Glimakra U.S.A. will give you any help you may need by mail, email or telephone.

Loom Weaving width indicated in inches.
S = Shafts or Harness. T = Number of Treadles.

Counterbalance 39 inch 4S 6T $4390.00
Counterbalance 47 inch 4S 6T $4500.00
Counterbalance 59 inch 4S 6T $4800.00
Counterbalance 63 inch 4S 6T $5400.00
Countermarch 39 inch 4S 6T $4550.00
Countermarch 39 inch 8S 10T $4850.00
Countermarch 47 inch 4S 6T $4700.00
Countermarch 47 inch 8S 10T $4990.00
Countermarch 47 inch 10S 10T $5150.00
Countermarch 59 inch 4S 6T $5150.00
Countermarch 59 inch 8S 10T $5450.00
Countermarch 59 inch 10S 10T $5590.00
Countermarch 63 inch 4S 6T $5800.00
Countermarch 63 inch 8S 10T $6090.00
Countermarch 63 inch 10S 10T $6200.00

Optional attachments:

Ronja Warping Frame $125.00
47 inch Sectional Warp Beam $455.00
59 inch Sectional Warp Beam$475.00
63 inch Sectional Warp Beam $485.00
47 inch Double Warp Beam $700.00
59 inch Double Warp Beam $750.00
63 inch Double Warp Beam $850.00

Fly Shuttle Beater $2500Fly Shuttle $300 - Aluminum Beam Cover $60-$70-  Stadig Loom Feet $160 - Tension Box $779

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Contact Elizabeth with your order.  Indicate how you wish to make payment: Check or bank card.    Will invoice you total due.

Payment by check, Elizabeth's Fiber to Yarn will pay 50% of the shipping costs of new loom within the continental U.S. 

Prices subject to change.

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A Fly Shuttle Beater is a device that considerably increases the speed of shuttling and thereby weaving.  The lower part of the Fly Shuttle Beater has at each end a shuttle box and is wider than usual to provide a shuttle race.  In each shuttle box there is a catcher/thrower, which can move along the box.  A cord from each shuttle catcher is joined in the center of the loom and attached to a handle.   By pulling the handle the shuttle is thrown theough the open shed across to the other shuttle box.   The Fly Shuttle Beater is especially useful for wide warps, so you don't have to reach to the warp edges to throw your shuttle or for weaving yardage.

Double Warp Beam consists of one warp beam and one back beam and a pair of bushings.  It is located just above the regular back beam an turns in the opposite direction.  A Double Warp beam is used when you have different materials in your warp, such as in some double weaves.  In some techniques certain warp threads are bound less frequently than others and therefore not woven in as much, which makes them looser after a while.  This is a good reason to have them on a separate beam.  A Double Warp beam also comes in handy in using supplemental warp threads, as in vertical rosepath an monk's belt.

Sectional Warp Beam consists of 4 wooden boards with holes drilled for metal loops, which divide the beam into 25mm(1") sections.  The boards are attached with screws directly to the regular warp beam and the metal loops are inserted in the holes.   Sectional Warping is an alternative to making a warp chain and then winding that on.  In sectional warping you warp and wind on at the same time and one step is saved.  Pre-slaying or the use of a raddle is also eliminated.  Practically, sectional warping is done so that you wind on the full length of all warp threads that go within the section.  That means that you will need to have as many spools as you need warp ends in each section.  Sectional warping is especially convenient for long warps or when you have to warp by yourself.   A Tension Box is necessary for Sectional Warping

Aluminum Beam Cover to protect your beams from damage and your warp threads and cloth from snags.