Glimakra Victoria 27" 4H Table Loom

Glimakra Victoria 27" 4H Table Loom

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Space saving and easy to move or transport even when warped. This makes it a good loom to take to a weaving workshop or on vacation.

The basic Victoria is delivered as a table model and is hand operated. The shed is created by hand levers, which you lock in open shed position.

Victoria has 27″ inside width. The height is 26″. It is equipped with 4 shafts.   Comes with 500 Texsolv heddles, lease sticks, 24 warp sticks, Texsolv tie-up kit and instructions.

Options:  A floor stand or stand with treadle kit.

Pictured:  Loom on Stand.    Ships as Kit.  Assembly required.

This is a Special Order item and not in stock at Fiber to Yarn.  Will ship directly from the Glimakra U.S. distributor in Oregon. 

Flat Rate Shipping limited to Continental U.S.    Alaska, Hawaii select priority shipping when ordering.

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