Schacht Stick Shuttles

Schacht Stick Shuttles

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3 in 1 Magic Stick A versatile tool to have on hand for any type of weaver. It’s a pick-up stick and beater with a hole large enough for chunky yarn and roving. 10.5 inches long

Stick Shuttle The simplest and most versatile of all shuttles. Available in 9", 10", 12", 16", 20", 24" and 30" lengths. We recommend you choose a stick shuttle slightly shorter than the width of your warp.

Weaving Stick is a small, versatile tool that can be used as a pick up stick and weaving needle. Its slim profile allows extra maneuverability for any weaving project. 9" long x 1/2" wide

Pick up Sticks Width. Petite 7/8”. Medium 1 1/8”. Beefy 1 1/2”

Weaving Sword width 1 3/4” pick-up sticks taper to a gentle point and have one beveled edge. Available in three lengths: 16 in, 22 in & 30 in.

In stock tools indicated.

Special Order - Expect ship delay up to 2-4 weeks,   Can be ordered and shipped with new Schacht loom.

Special order stick shuttles ordered with a new Schacht loom will be discounted 15%. Leave message when ordering to credit you the discount

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