Schacht Baby Wolf Loom

Schacht Baby Wolf Loom

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The Schacht Baby Wolf loom is the most uncompromised small loom available today. It has all the advantages of portability while maintaining the best big loom features. If compactness and portability are what you are looking for, you’ll be interested in this thoughtfully engineered loom.

The weaving width of the Baby Wolf is 26″. You have your choice of four or eight shafts, or you can choose our Four Now-Four Later* model which allows you to expand from four shafts to eight shafts at any time. The X-frame design is exceptionally stable and can be easily folded to a depth of 18″.

The adjustable beater allows the position of the shuttle race to be raised or lowered if necessary. The Baby Wolf employs a friction brake on the warp beam which lets you advance the warp smoothly.

*”Four Now – Four Later” (4N4L) is an eight harness loom shipped with only four harnesses installed, but with the capacity to add an additional four harnesses. You can purchase a kit to add four harnesses at a later time. 4N4L looms are shipped with all the heddles, tie-ups and other items normally included with an eight harness loom.

Height Extender. If you are 5’6” or taller (or with long legs), you might consider ordering a height extender with your Wolf Loom. This will raise up your loom 2”.

Baby Wolf Options:  4H High Castle Tray, $157.  8H High Castle Tray, $174.  Sectional Beam, $137. Stroller, $123, 4H 10 treadle kit, $83.  Wolf Trap, $60. Double back beam, $304. Raddle, $122.   If you would like to add any of these options to your loom order, leave message when ordering and Elizabeth will invoice you total due.

Already have this loom? Options only can be ordered, options subject to shipping charges.  Contact Elizabeth with your order.

  • Flat Rate Shipping limited to Continental U.S.    This loom must ship by Freight.   Alaska, Hawaii, contact Elizabeth for shipping arrangements.  
  • Save $100 on your new Baby Wolf Loom purchase.  Make payment by check.  Contact Elizabeth with your order details.  Will invoice you total due.

Loom will ship direct from Schacht in Colorado.  Looms are made to order just for you,  expect ship delay approx. 4 weeks.   

Do not select USPS Priority Mail Shipping when ordering.   Too large to ship by post.   If you need expedited shipping contact Elizabeth with your requirements.

Last day to order for Christmas Delivery within continental U.S. - Nov 8

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Specifications:  26" weaving width.  Loom width: 34". Height: 29.5" Height w/castle: 35". Height Folded: 33".  Weight: 4H 53 lb.  8H 71 lb.  Inserted Eye Heddles:  4H 300.  8H 800