Schacht CHERRY Wolf Looms - 50th Annniversary

Schacht CHERRY Wolf Looms - 50th Annniversary

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Schacht’s Golden Anniversary! Their offering a limited quantity of special edition Cherry Wolf looms.

Each special anniversary edition Wolf loom will sport a gold plated medallion marking the 50-year milestone. Made of American-sourced cherry wood, sanded and oiled for a lustrous finish, these looms will darken and age for a beautiful patina.

Cherry Baby Wolf sold out

Cherry Wolf Loom Packages will include a Wolf Stroller and a Wolf Trap: Exception the Wolf Pups do not include the stroller. Includes one stainless reed in size of your choice. See drop down list to add options.

Wolf Pup looms begin shipping in May. Baby Wolfs and Mighty Wolfs will start shipping in July. Looms will ship in order receive. Options added will ship with the loom. Cherry Shuttles available to order here

Flat Rate Shipping limited to Continental U.S. Alaska, Hawaii, contact Elizabeth for shipping arrangements.

There is a limited supply, don’t miss out.

Stock photos shown. Cherry is the 26" Baby Wolf. Mighty Wolf loom with high castle and loom bench is in maple.

The Anniversary loom is just like the standard loom made in Maple. Follow link below for details on each loom of interest.

HT - Height Extender. If you are 5’6” or taller (or with long legs), you might consider ordering the height extender option.

LT - The Wolf Pup has a direct tie-up system – each harness is tied to a single treadle. Like the Baby Wolf and Mighty Wolf looms, the Wolf Pup LT features jacks and lamms that allow any harness to be tied to any of its six treadles, Recommend the LT option.

Abbreviations used: BW - Baby Wolf MW - Mighty Wolf Pkg. - Package. 4H or 8H - Harness or Shafts

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