Schacht Flip Rigid Heddle Reeds

Schacht Flip Rigid Heddle Reeds

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Heddle Reeds - Add extra sizes. When using doubled use 2 reeds the same size.

DPI: Dents per inch or number of warps per inch.
5 dent use with Thick, lumpy yarns.
8 dent use with thick or fuzzy yarns, brushed mohair and worsted weight yarns.
10 dent, use for medium weight yarns, like sport or DK.
12 dent, use for thin warp yarns, fine work. Lace yarn or fine cotton.

Variable dent reed is a rigid heddle reed with interchangeable 5, 8, 10, and 12 dent sections of reed. Each section is 2-3/8” in width, and you can mix and match these sections to create your own custom reed. The number of segments you receive varies with the length of the reed – get the details here. The overall weaving width will be slightly narrower than a traditional reed.

Accessory indicated if it is in stock. Remainder are not in stock and are a special order and will ship direct from Schacht Spindle in Colorado if your Schacht accessory order is over $200 or shipped with new Schacht loom. Expect ship delay from Schacht approx. 2 weeks. Will e-mail expected ship date once ordered with Schacht.

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  • Accessory not in stock “Special Order” that is under $200 expect ship delay until we can meet the minimum to order stock from Schacht.

    Special order accessories ordered with a new Schacht loom will be discounted 15%. Leave message when ordering to credit you the discount

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