Schacht Tapestry Weaving Tools

Schacht Tapestry Weaving Tools

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Tapestry Beaters
Single-ended, double-ended, and a weighted single-ended. All are made of hard maple and have a smooth Danish oil finish. The wooden teeth are set at five per inch.  The weighted beater has about five ounces of lead weight inserted into the end to provide more impact for tighter weaving.

Tapestry Bobbins
Made of a rich, dark brown plywood,  Gobelin-style tapestry bobbins are silky smooth with a pointy tip for easy weaving. The bobbins are 8″ long, 5/8″ diameter at the widest point, and weigh about one ounce each. Available in a package of three.

Special Order, can ship with new Schacht loom order, or expect ship delay up to 4 weeks.

Special order tapestry weaving tools ordered with a new Schacht loom will be discounted 15%. Leave message when ordering to credit you the discount

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