Totally Twill Beyond the Basics

Totally Twill Beyond the Basics

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Robyn Spady shows how you can start with a single threading and create a variety of surprising and sophisticated twill patterns and designs.

You will go beyond just the fundamentals in this workshop and dive into the vast possibilities of twill! If you need the basics to twill or just a refresher, check out Robyn’s workshop, Totally Twill: The Basics.

You'll learn:

  • How to plan steps and runs for advancing and advancing point twills
  • How to define grid and path for a networked twill
  • How to scale a network draft to fit the number of shafts on your loom
  • Techniques for designing and scaling
    with weaving software
  • Tips for threading and weaving complex twills
  • Color strategies for echo weave
  • Designs for corkscrew and manifold twills

74 minutes

ISBN 9781620337486

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