Used Weaving Equipment at Buckley WA Studio

Used Weaving Equipment at Buckley WA Studio

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Rasmussen Table Loom 4 Harness 25 inch weaving width. 12 dent reed. Loom is in excellent condition.

Warping Reel This is a nice wood warping reel. Circumference is 2 yards. Spins Smooth. Horizontal style is steady. Can be used on floor or table. The warping pegs are removable and can be attached on any side of reel. Measures: 34" wide. 32" high, 37" with pegs attached. 24" Deep. Downside it does not disassemble for storage. You can remove the reel from the stand, but you can not completely take it apart.

Glimkra Swift Made from birch, large swift which holds skeins up to 100″ (2.75 yards) around.  They are constructed and finished to get the most appropriate surface for the yarn. You can clamp these swifts to stand vertically, as shown or you can mount them horizontally which can make for easier unwinding, especially for fine threads. Made in Sweden. Photo is Stock photo. Very Good Condition. Will mail swift, order online and select Priority Shipping when checking out, if overpaid on shipping will refund.

Pick Up Only for loom or warping mill. Contact seller for Cash Price

Have a used Loom &/or Tools in good working condition and wish to sell? Contact Elizabeth regarding consignment.

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