Used Weaving Tools at Buckley WA Studio

Used Weaving Tools at Buckley WA Studio

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40” Fireside 8 harness Oak Loom with Worm Drive! $2500

Equipment available If pictured without “Sold” added is still available. Interested in the loom? Contact Elizabeth for details.

Stick Shuttle:  24" long.  Unfinished.

Kromski 16" Shuttle - Clear Lacquer finish. New condition

Harrisville Design Ski Shuttle designed so that you can wind yarn around it or in a figure 8 pattern. The curved design prevents the shuttle from catching warp ends as you weave. The overall length of the ski shuttle is 24.25" and the height is 1-1/2".


Have used Loom equipment in good working condition and wish to sell? Contact Elizabeth regarding consignment.

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