Ashland Bay WINDSOR 1000 YPP Merino Silk

Ashland Bay WINDSOR 1000 YPP Merino Silk

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60% Merino 40% Cultivated Mulberry Silk.  Merino wool is the softest of the sheep wool. By using cultivated silk, the yarn has a much whiter color—making it easier to dye lighter shades.  

Worsted weight.  250g (9 oz) 1000 yards per pound.

Ashland Bay Special Order Minimum is $200

Mix or Match any Ashland Bay Special order to meet the minimum.   This is the amount we must meet to order, if your order is less may delay shipping until we can meet this minimum.

If your order includes other items that are in stock, we will hold order and ship complete.  

In the rare event any fiber or yarn is back ordered at Ashland Bay that shade will be cancelled and refunded.  Balance of your order, if any, will be shipped to you.  If you still want a back ordered shade, you will need to re-order. 

Special Order sales are final, no returns.

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