Bockens Cottolin 22/2

Bockens Cottolin 22/2

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Cottolin, 60% cotton-40% linen, wound on tube 250g (8.8 oz.)  

Unbleached and Bleached White available on Big Boy Cone, approx 2 LB.

Ideal for handweaving towels, linens, curtains.  Made in Sweden.

Natural, unbleached 2002 has 1650 yards (250g) 2,925 yards per pound.

Bleached and Dyed shades has 1800 yards (250g) 3273 yards per pound.

Weaving tabby sett: 15 to 18.
Weaving twill sett: 24
Sett: 16-24 epi

If multiple cones of same color ordered, will confirm same dye lot before shipping.  If you are ordering a specific dye lot, include message when ordering to verify.

Not enough in stock or wish a different shade available.  You can order from the full line by special order.  Details below.

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